About us

SEND IT (verb)An action or activity you can do wholeheartedly, with confidence and absolute passion.

We are inspired to Send It every day – to live for today, to soak it all up and, most of all, to share this with others.

In 2012, Jamie Schou was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Synovial Sarcoma. Facing a life-threatening disease with no systemic cure nor surgical options, the expression ‘send it’ took on a whole new meaning for Jamie. It became his mantra and the fuel for his fight against cancer.

With every break in treatment, he would live life to the fullest – continuing to pursue his love of the outdoors and adventure with friends. He skied, mountain biked, paddle boarded, summited Half Dome and jumped out of airplanes. For Jamie, ‘someday’ became ‘TODAY’. His connection to the outdoors and the opportunity to pursue these activities was a gift, bringing him joy and strength during a time of incredible hardship.

Through his 2-year battle with cancer, Jamie fought with a smile on his face, and a deep conviction to truly LIVE each day with happiness and gratitude.

In the last year of his life, Jamie created Send It, an apparel brand, and the Send It Foundation, a non-profit providing outdoor adventures for young adults battling cancer.

Send It was born from Jamie’s love of skiing and the outdoors, his community in the mountains of Truckee, CA and his commitment to living each day to the fullest. His vision was to spread this message that while none of us know what tomorrow holds, what we all have is today – to live for today and to SEND IT.

A portion of proceeds of each sale of Send It merchandise go towards the Send It Foundation.

“I want to live a life of significance, of exploration, of experience, of love.  I have refocused the value of my days.  I want all the experiences that life has to offer!  If I am outside, enjoying family and friends, creating something, doing something new, exploring a new place, climbing what I want to climb, smiling at strangers like I never have, striking up random conversation, doing my best to make the world a better place, eating well, exercising, waking up earlier, getting stronger, hugging more, saying I LOVE YOU - then I am unafraid.  I am alive!  I am living the way that I should be.” – Jamie Schou